Friday, October 17, 2008

On His shoulders...

Times will come,
when you feel the load,
the load you have to carry,
trudging each painful step,
slowly, agonizingly.

It'll seem too much to bear,
you'll wonder how to be rid of it,
else you may curse yourself,
for carrying it thus far.

And you set it aside,
gasping for breath,
singing in sweet relief,
vowing never to do it again...

Presently the time comes,
when you must pick up your load,
and carry it on,
for what has been begun,
must be completed.

And you begin to look,
look for a way out..

Then realization dawns on you,
thief-like in its stealth,
and shocking to the same measure..


By your side,
feeling all your pain,
the intense spectrum your emotions went through,
was the best Help you could ever ask for,
all you had to do,
was Ask.

Ask truthfully,
in sincere humility,
and you shall be lifted,
and with you your load,
whose weight has become a fraction of before,
lifted and placed carefully,
On His Shoulders.

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